Local Twi-hards Take It To The Streets

Talk about a total Eclipse of the heart! Just one day after the epic Lakers championship parade, the streets of L.A. are once again swarmed with crazed fans. This time it is devoted legions of Twi-hards that are lined up outside of L.A.'s Nokia Theater, complete with their finest Edward-Bella-Jacob towels, "Rob You Robbed My Heart" signs, and life-sized cardboard cutouts of the movie's young stars. As the flick is being shown this Thursday at the Los Angeles Film Festival (one week prior to the regular premiere) it makes sense that Twilight-obsessed Los Angelenos and fanatical followers with ample vacation time are already setting up camp to try to get into the first public screening of the third installment of the global phenom. Hey, at least it's better than Beiber Fever. (DailyMail)