5 Secret Shopping Destinations Less Than 3 Hours From NYC

Truth be told, as much as we love New York City's shopping offerings, we're getting a little tired of our go-tos, and pounding the pavement in summer is way sweatier than it is stylish. When looking for new shops to plunk down our plastic, we stumbled upon some seriously amazing scores in—wait for it—Upstate New York! While we don't typically think of anywhere past the George Washington Bridge as a fashion destination (unless there's a plane involved), we're happy to discover this oft-overlooked shopping haven right in our backyard. So, antique- and vintage-lovers unite because we're bringing you a major dose of secret spots to get your thrift on in our hit-list as long as the Hudson.

Read on for the breakdown of some of the best shopping the Hudson Valley has to offer.

Hudson is the place you want to be in the Valley if you have some money to burn. Chock-full of amazing vintage and antique merchants, this place is a dream come true for anyone looking for a temporary increase in personal space without sacrificing culture. R29 tip: Even though Hudson's Warren Street is one of the main strips of awesomeness, be sure to explore connected streets for hidden gems.

Above: Fabrics at Fern.

1. Fern: This tiny vintage shop stocks all the curiosities you didn’t realize you wanted:
Saved decades-old high school assignments, old-timey scrub brushes, and one of the most
comprehensive collections of Niagara Falls souvenirs you’ll ever see.
610 ½ Warren
Street; 518-828-2886

2. Hudson Vintage: Another small shop, stocking the best in vintage jewelry and a small,
expertly curated selection of bags and clothes. Don’t miss the table of $10 jewels.
Warren Street; 518-828-7484

3. Sideshow Clothing: Standard awesome vintage clothing shop with seriously reasonable
prices. We love the kitschy, checkered tile flooring, too!
707 Warren Street; 518-828-2810.

4. Bernbach: Yes, that is a Confetti System garland luring you into this sparse shop, which
boasts necklaces from the cool-kid decoration company and handsome handmade fine
466 Warren Street; 518-772-1775.

5. Look: This shop has a superb, reasonably priced selection of jewelry and bags, with
well-curated clothing. You might even find high-end designer names like Yohji Yamamoto and Dries van Noten amongst the mix.
608 Warren Street; 518-828-0042

6. Five and Diamond Vintage Clothing: From Barbie handbags to typewriters to sewing patterns, this quirky vintage store has got you covered.
502 Columbia Street; 518-828-4140.

7. John Doe Records and Books: Like the name suggests, this shop boasts an extensive selection of vinyl, and a back
room full of good cheap books, but this isn't your run of the mill music shop—John Doe even stocks a smattering of vintage wearables.
4 Park
Place; 518- 212-7653


A horse-bit necklace and chaise on offer at Juda Leah.

This tiny riverside town is quaint but definitely worth a visit. Partition Street is the main
business district, but as always, be adventurous and explore the surrounding streets.

1. Rock Star Rodeo: Though it's got a weird name, this rad store that will bring you back to your childhood roots. It’s got all that novelty stuff you can’t help but
browse (like "make your own food face plates," fun band-aid prints, and giant pencils).
110 Partition Street; 646-707-4126.

2. Inquiring Mind Bookstore: This spacious bookstore intermingles its new and used stock, so that browsing is sort of like a treasure hunt. Grab a coffee at the inner-store café
to enhance your Sherlock stamina, but don't neglect the outdoor book carts—there are serious gems out there!
200 Main Street; 845- 246-5155

3. Juda Leah: Etsy shop owner Juda Leah opened her store as a part-curated vintage, part-handmade emporium. You can buy pretty vintage nighties or winter coats and then grab a handmade necklace or hair accessory to top it off.
103 Partition Street; 845-417-6937.

4. Newberry Antique Co-Op: This is your standard antiques mall, with lots of good eye-
candy and low-ish prices.
236 Main Street; 845-246-9106.


Above, a camera case from Papertrail.

This high-class town was good enough for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, so it’s good
enough for you.

1. Wing + Clover: Get in touch with your inner Martha Stewart and pick up some yarn, sign up for a crafting class, or
stock up on well-designed creative novelties.
22 East Market Street; 845- 876-1035


2. Upstate Films: Be sure to see a limited-run film at this unassuming indie theatre, where
good popcorn and high-class soda rule.
6415 Montgomery Street; 845-876-2515

3. Paper Trail: Like the name suggests, this stationary joint sells clever stationary and book-inspired items like a Catcher in the Rye bird's nest and a set of Penguin Publishing notecards, which are too cute to pass up even if print is dead.
6423 Montgomery Street #2; 845-876-8050.
4. A.L. Stickle Variety Store: We've been searching for a 5 and Dime store every since our grandparents told us about how magical they were and A.L., certainly fits the bill! This oddball shop sells an accumulation of vintage candies, boardgames, and anything and everything that evokes an air of nostalgia.
13 East Market Street; 845-876-3206.

5. Face Stockholm: You're in luck! While there are only four Face Stockholm retail shops in the States,
two are in the Hudson Valley: one in Hudson and one right here in Rhinebeck to fulfill all of your make-up needs.
47 East
Market Street; 1-888-334-FACE


Cell phone snaps of Hunter Bee

This is a teeny tiny town that packs some serious charm. You’ll see most of the goods
during a quick walk through the main drags, but take time to browse the shops and soak
up the small-town feel.

1. Harney & Sons: Feel English for a day and visit the tasting room and retail space for the world-famous tea brand.
13 Main Street; 1-888-427-6398.

2. Hunter Bee: Superb vintage store with pricey curiosities, but mostly inspiring prop
21 Main Street; 518-789-2127.

3. Terni’s: This is a general store from your wildest dreams, where you can simultaneously pick up a rugged Pendleton or Filson tote, a copy of Vogue, and a handful of cheapo
42 Main Street; 518-789-3474.

4. Kamilla’s Floral Boutique: The perfect stop to pick yourself out a fun floral treat (orchids are the shop’s specialty) or an exotic houseplant.
38 Main Street; 518-789-3900.

A selection of clothing at Ritual.

Though New Paltz is a stomping ground for college kids and a no-brainer area hippies for to stock up on "appropriate"
goods, it has so much more to offer beyond tie-dye and jangly slashed skirts.

1. Ritual: This hip, brand-new shop has a small selection of great vintage intermixed with
brands like Cheap Monday and Tulle.
56 Main Street; 845-255-0552.

2. Jack’s Rhythms: The sounds of silence are not so at the culture one-stop-shop, Jack’s which stocks interesting vinyl records and used
54 Main Street; 845-255-1082.

3. Cocoon: This shop is filled to the brim with all sorts of kitchen and décor novelties—
we’re eyeing a certain vintage subway map baby lamp, perfect for adult rooms, too.
Main Street; 845-255-6862

4. Barner Books: This used bookshop is on the smaller side, but still mighty in selection
and price point.
3 Church Street; 845- 255-2635.

5. In Good Taste Spirit Shop: Staying the night? Grab a bottle of wine—or come just to
browse—at this awesome, sorta-futuristic wine shop.
45 Main Street; 845-255-0110.