The Ultimate Biker’s Guide To S.F. — Straight From 4 Cycling Pros!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on March 8]
There’s no denying that when it comes to hot rides in S.F., the sweetest set of wheels is none other than an eco-chic bike. Here in the Bay, cyclists are proud and a-plenty (as evidenced by the mobs gliding through the city on any given day). From airy, amateur riders to top-notch performance peeps, S.F. bikers boast a lifestyle all their own.
And while there’s been a recent boost in the volume of cycle-minded men and women around town, for first-timers, the thought of aimlessly riding alongside traffic can still be enough to trigger a panic attack. That's why we tapped four local bikers of all different levels to guide you. So, whether you're a pedal pro or a biking beginner, check out these must-hit routes, gear shops, and refueling pit stops (hello Super Duper Burger), and get ready to ride.
Photographed by Christine Ting
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