What Your Lip Print Says About You

We all know how annoying it is to get lipstick marks off our coffee mugs and to leave behind the shadow of a kiss on our S.O.’s cheek. Usually we just wipe it clean, but according to lip expert Anna Snodgrass, we should leave those prints alone. They may reveal more than you think.
Believe it or not, there's a field of experts who specialize in lipsology and analyze lip prints. Similar to zodiac signs and palmistry, there's a hidden meaning behind your mark, says Snodgrass, one of just six certified lipsologists in the world. But unlike the first two categories, which look at your future and stay relatively constant throughout your life, your lip print reveals your personality at the moment. "Your print changes based on your energy levels, your emotions, and what’s going on in your life," Snodgrass explains. "I’ve seen [a person] before and after a job interview or a tennis match, and the prints change."
To help you read your own lip silhouette at home, we broke down the practice into six common categories: size, shape, color intensity, stress lines, position, and fullness. Each speaks to different aspects of a lip print and unique personality traits like compassion, frugality, and more. But before you dive in, you’ll need to make your print. Slick on your favorite lipstick (we're feeling the rich, bold shades in Burt's Bees' lineup), and kiss a piece of paper. You can do one print or several if you want a larger sample to look at, says Snodgrass. That’s it — apply and pucker up. So, are you ready to give "read my lips" a new meaning?

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