5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 17 2010

TMZ's already amping up their East Coast bureau: Lindsay Lohan is moving cross country, with her sights set on the Big Apple. Will you open your doors to the jail-bate starlet, or are they already dead-bolted? (The Stir)
Remember we told you about Target's insane kaleidoscopic fashion show at The Standard Hotel? Well, it's tomorrow, so if you've ever wanted to take mind-altering substances, now is your chance. (Racked)
1,500 countdown clocks are coming to the busiest crosswalks in NYC—finally the Department of Transportation has followed through with one of its highly necessary promises. (Gothamist)
A college English professor was booted from Starbucks for breaking their grammatical rules. Apparently, ordering a bagel without schmear earns you a call to the po-po. (New York Post)
Start popping your popcorn because the New York Film Festival has announced its 48th killer line-up. We've already got chills thinking about Clint Eastwood's new thriller, 'Hereafter'. (WSJ)