Lindsay Lohan Is Still Channeling Donatella Versace

Lindsay Lohan certainly fell in love with her look from the Whitney Art back in '09, channeling Donatella Versace in a major way. Well, it seems like the Versace designer's influence hasn't waned on the starlet—Lohan looked more like Donatella's daughter than Allegra Beck at last night's Purple party, sponsored by Belvedere, at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel. With long, long blond locks, heavy eye makeup, nude lips, and some displayed decolletage, La Lohan embraced La Dolce Vita in every way—having what seems to be an intimate chat with SNL funny man Jason Sudeikis at a corner banquet. We're not sure what they're saying, but we'd love to be a fly on that interesting wall, as it were. Look for more Lohan shots in our upcoming party pictures roundup—maybe Versace will turn up, too!

Photo: Courtesy of Mission/David X Prutting/