5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 16 2012

Lil Wayne's newly launched clothing line, TRUKFIT stands for "The Reason You Kill For It," threw a party in NYC this week, but ah, hon, fashion has nothing to do with crime... most of the time. (NY Mag)
Miss NYC came in third at the Miss America pageant this weekend, marking the only time New Yorkers have watched the show for that long. (NY Daily News)
After all the East Coast vs. West Coast fashion mash ups (ehem, that Free People lookbook, for one), HuffPo finally wants to put an end to it. Vote here, but only if you're rooting for NYC, obvs. (Huffington Post)
Taylor Swift landed the cover of Vogue and it's super up-close and super beautiful. (Fashionista)
Soho house ain't just in Soho (or even the US) anymore. Canadians and Indians alike lookforward to expansions of the chain. (NY Post)
Photo: Via Huffington Post

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