9 Pick-Me-Ups To Get You Through The Work Week, Sanity Intact

Things we can now refer to in the past tense: the weekend. Correction, last weekend. It came and went quicker than our case of the Mondays — which we're guesstimating will continue through Tuesday. Maybe longer. That said, the return to the daily grind isn't all that bad. Sure, we're prone to hyperbole and wont to complain, but there are parts of the workweek we genuinely enjoy, too. None more so than those little pick-me-ups that get our day started on the right foot.
Everyone has 'em — a pore-minimizing cream that makes your skin look and feel as soft as a baby's bottom or sound-canceling headphones to silence that too-loud mariachi band riddling your subway ride to the office. It's getting-ready essentials like these that can really affect your outlook. So, go on and shop a few quick fixes for a better 9-to-5 — now.