5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 13 2012

Is there a better way to add some more spunk to your day then with some seriously fun jewelry? Try the new Zipper Bracelets from Lester's — these brightly-colored baubles are sure to bring a smile to your day with their fabulous simple design. And, what's better is that they can be worn alone or stacked together to create some real presence. (Lester's)
Telephone booths are archaic souvenirs from a pre-cellphone world, right? Well, think again — these old-timers are being rejuvenated into something totally hot; hot spots, that is. The city is launching a pilot program to convert 10 pay phones across the city so they can broadcast free, public wifi signals letting you connect on-the-go. (The New York Times)
With Bastille Day only a day away, it's time to start getting in the French state of mind. In honor of the holiday, Sky Room will be offering French-inspire drinks on their rooftop lounge. Anyone with a French I.D. can join in for free, but mention the top-secret code word "Revolution," and you'll nab 50% off champagne and a plate of fresh berries. (Sky Room NYC)
Famous Brooklyn fashion haunt Bird is revamping its e-commerce site to become bigger, badder and just all-over awesome! It'll be complete with a glossy new look that includes updated features like a blog on the store's curated designers and its community— look for it in August!. (ShopBird)
Downtown dress shop Pinky Otto is teaming up with the off-kilter dessert den Chinatown Ice Cream Factory to create their very own flavor of the sweet stuff (Racked)

Photo: Via Lester's