Leo and Armie Lip Locking in the Next Eastwood Film

Maybe playing the screwed-over Winklevoss twins in The Social Network wasn't such a bad career move for 24-year-old actor Armie Hammer. He who busted a Lohan by playing both twins in the movie has gained him much deserved accolades and has garnered the attention of one Clint Eastwood. Now this is a two-parter: not only is Hammer cast to play opposite Leonardo DiCaprio (swoon) in this Eastwood-directed biopic, J. Edgar, but he will be playing Edgar's protégé and rumored-lover, Clyde Tolson. Know what that means? Total boy-on-boy lip-smacking. It's every actor's dream come true. "Yeah, jealous?" Hammer said at a recent party in Hollywood. Jealous that Hammer gets to be in a Clintwood film or that he's acting alongside Leo? Either way, Hammer's wife is "just happy (he's) not kissing another woman!" (E)

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