Lena Dunham Finally Moves To Brooklyn (And It's Not Williamsburg)

When accidental crack consumption is just another day in the park for HBO's Girls, you know its auteur, Lena Dunham, is definitely not too concerned with the status quo. Of course, Dunham's dialogue isn't the only thing nulling the norm: she's reportedly moving out to left-field Brooklyn Heights instead of the show's Greenpoint stomping ground! Clearly, Lena just isn't Hannah, and Dunham's newly-acquired Brooklyn Heights pre-war — a far cry from Hannah's past-due renter's walk-up — should shock an audience that too often confuses the two. Also a distinction? Dunham forked over $500,000 for an 800-square-foot one bedroom (a space and price we don't see Hannah affording, yet). Only question is... will Marni move in? We mean... (NYPost)
Photo: Via NYPost

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