Lena Corwin’s Ridic Spring/Summer Studio Sale

What if some of your fave, hard-to-find brands were all in the same room...on sale? While that might sound like a fashionista's wet-dream, it's actually reality come this Saturday, when Brooklyn-based illustrator Lena Corwin will be having a sale on a host of hot designers at her Fort Greene studio. Peep some perfect pottery from Juliet Gorman, cool, folksy prints from Wayne Pate, silk v-necks from Sunshine & Shadow, and swe-et swimsuits from Mociun. So, forget your Saturday-day plans—since this discount only lasts 5 hours you're simply gonna have to reschedule everything else!

Saturday, June 12; 12-5p.m.

Lena Corwin Studio; 218 Adelphi Street (between Willoughby and Adelphi streets); Brooklyn; info@lenacorwin.com