Lelo’s Oral Sex Vibrator Feels Like A Tongue That Just Won’t Quit

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When it comes to our favorite acts of sexual intimacy, receiving oral sex ranks right there at the top. I mean, how could it not? There's something wildly fantastic about the feel of a tongue that's in a league of its own. Despite it being a perennial fav, many women need manual stimulation as well as oral sex in order to reach climax, and it can take up to twenty minutes to get there. Then, of course, there's the whole issue of needing someone else in the bedroom with you to experience the bliss that is oral. There are a number of sex toys that attempt to replicate the sensation, but it's understandably difficult to mimic the sensations of a truly talented tongue. Fortunately, there's Lelo's oral sex toy, Ora 3, which not only promises to get pretty darn close to the real deal, it also offers stamina that would outstrip most of us mere mortals.

Luxury sex tech Lelo is known for its cutting-edge vibrator technology, so it's no surprise that they've somehow managed to master oral sex toys, too. With reviews effusively praising the toy for its realistic feel, I knew I had to put it to the test... and spoiler alert: it succeeds.

It really simulates the tongue... Lelo team you guys are geniuses.

Lelo reviewer

Lelo Ora 3, $179 $143

Upon first glance, the Ora 3 doesn't even look like a vibrator. It looks more like a fancy piece of tech, largely in part due to Lelo's signature gold-plated finish, which gives each vibrator a distinctly luxurious feel. The oral sex toy comes in three beautiful colorways — deep rose, aqua, and midnight blue — and it looks as expensive as its hefty price tag. But though it's aesthetically pleasing, this toy is more than just about good looks. Its function also lives up to its price.

The magic of Ora 3's ability to replicate the feel of oral sex is in Lelo's PreMotion technology. Via its tongue-simulating Pleasure Nodule, Ora uses a circling motion that is both firm and precise against your clit and is made to feel like the real thing. Lelo recommends pairing Ora 3 with its famous Personal Moisturizer lubricant in order to get the realest feel, so that's exactly what I did.

Though Ora 3 promised an oral sex real-feel experience, I found getting started a little difficult. The three-button model is easy to turn on (the middle button shifts the modes through all types of vibration settings and patterns, but I chose to go with the non-vibrating tongue circling motion setting for the realest experience), but it required pushing through its 12 (!) modes to get there. Also, I wasn't sure how to hold it or where to place it because of its unique shape, unlike anything else I'd used before.

Pro tip: hold the Ora 3 with your fingers clasping the middle (as pictured) for the easiest way to maneuver. As for finding where to put it, as soon as it was between my legs, I did a little bit of searching before finding the perfect spot. And then... let's just say whoa.

I have so many clitoral toys and most boast to be like oral. This one actually is!! Hang on to your sheets girls, your toes are about to curl.

lelo reviewer
I wish I could describe the sensation more accurately than just... it feels like oral sex, but that's truly what it boils down to. Perhaps it's because I've been using predominantly suction vibrators and more rumbling motors, but on its lowest setting and combined with lubricant, it truly felt like the tip of a tongue firmly circling and pressing against my clit. Though it's not warm like a real mouth would be, the lubricant provided the slippery wet feeling that other tongue vibrators are unable to achieve — I think this is due to the circling motion, as opposed to most other tongue vibrators which flick up and down; this felt like someone lapping at my clit in the best way possible.

"[It's a] more subtle feeling but the focused pressure and rolling motion is something fun to add to your arsenal if you’re already kitted out with vibrators and sonic wave toys and want to try something different!," says one reviewer of Ora's miraculously real-feeling stimulation.

I also particularly enjoyed myself knowing that my partner wasn't getting tired, and I felt like I was more able to get out of my head (I frequently get frustrated at how long I can take to climax); knowing that Ora could perform for up to a full hour helped me relax and get into the slow-building sensation. In fact, I felt myself edging towards climax and then moving the vibrator out of place slightly and then putting it back to prolong the incredible sensations.

Though many reviewers find Ora 3 on the loud side ("whisper-quiet" isn't listed as one of its selling points), I didn't find it too noisy at all. In fact, my only critique is that I wish that I didn't have to scroll through all the vibration settings to get to the "tongue-only" one (doesn't it make sense to start there and then build with added vibrations?). Out of curiosity, just before I reached my peak arousal levels, I added in one of the vibration settings, and I found that it took me out of the experience. It had felt so real, and the vibration reminded me that it wasn't actually a tongue but a toy between my legs (after all, a mouth cannot vibrate... as far as I know!). After going back to the tongue-only setting, it was merely a minute before I let myself fall over the edge into a warm, wet, body-melting climax. While many of my other climaxes have felt so strong they've shocked my system, this orgasm was a long continuous dream. And the tongue kept going just as long as I wanted to. In fact, had I had more time I am sure I could have coaxed multiple orgasms from myself. I can absolutely see myself reaching for this one again and again.

A tongue that doesn't quit.

lelo reviewer
We know that a luxury vibrator isn't always in the budget, but LELO's are pretty outstanding. Luckily, Ora 3 is currently on sale. Or, if you're not feeling Ora (although I really don't know how that's possible), below, check out our other Lelo faves, as well as some more affordable oral sex toys that will do just fine in a pinch.
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