Will Le Baron’s Be NYC’s Hottest Club?

Lately, it seems like NYC nightlife has hit quite the lull, especially if you're really looking to dance. While we're not exactly looking to replicate the club boom circa 2003 (remember the quick succession that was Cain, Pink Elephant, and Marquee?), it would sure be nice to have more options to hot-foot it than the usual trifecta of Le Bain, Avenue, and Kenmare (though they'll always be on our hit-list). So, while we love to sip at Rose Bar, do some day-drinking at SoHo Grand, and karaoke at Brinkley's, going all out, Beatrice Inn-style, is in need of some new blood. Enter Le Baron, brought to you by André Saraiva, the mastermind behind Le Bain, and, of course, Le Baron of Paris and Tokyo fame. Opening in Chinatown this fall, the boite will be birthed, as is new nightclubs wont, during the incubation period of fashion week, guaranteeing headlines, celeb faces, and a built-in buzz. With fans that include Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Daphne Guinness, and Olivier Zahm, plus what's sure to be a kick-ass interior (Saraiva, after all, is a respected graffiti-writer), Le Baron will enter NYFW with more than a fighting chance at continued relevancy. According to Saraiva, "creativity needs places to have fun or get metaphysical...where you can be free." Sounds about right to us—plus with a location literally a stone's throw from our Tribeca office, we hope it sticks around—we're always wearing our dancing shoes, after all.
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