How To Fall In Love With Old Trends Again

It happens. You fall in love. Sometimes, hard. Become obsessed. Spend all your time with that object of your affection. Forget that the world outside of The One even exists. And then? You drift apart, start playing the field again, and eventually want nothing to do with your past crush. But, instead of dropping it off at your local charity shop — we are talking about clothes, here — it might help to see your old flame in a whole new light, thereby doubling the options you've got to work with.
While returning to a past relationship might not be the best idea, it's definitely something we encourage when it comes to your wardrobe. Trends are trends, but you don't need to ditch something when you've grown tired of wearing it a certain prescribed way. Sometimes, all it takes is a new silhouette, layering technique, or companion item to help you bring your oldies back into rotation. We've taken a few of our favorite trends from the recent past and figured out ways to love 'em again. Click through to rekindle the flame.

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