How To Layer Sweaters For Extra Warmth & Style

We're well aware that the proper style-minded moniker for the winter season is "sweater weather," but, honestly, it's a misnomer. 'Cause, trust: When those winds are howling louder than your Spotify playlist and stronger than your thickest puffer coat, one sweater just isn't going to cut it. So we're declaring right here and right now that these next few months be officially renamed as "sweaterS weather."
That's right, it's time to double-down on your cardigans, your turtlenecks, and your chunky knits. And, we've got just the thing to help you do so. Here, we're presenting six ready-made outfit ideas that bring the heat by way of multiple layers — from a three-sweater all-white look to an athletic-inspired ensemble that'll win you olympic gold (or a few compliments, at the very least). This multi-sweater moment is kind of our version of the fashion turducken, and yes, we'll most definitely have seconds.

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