5 Things To Know This A.M. — Mar 19 2012

Do you think this new Lana Del Ray single cover is controversial or do you have to hand it to her? (Jezebel)
The dedication, the craftsmanship, the international draw — as much goes in to a fashion non-profit as it does for an entire collection. Learn more about Krochet Kids, here. (T Mag)
The controversial case surrounding the Rutgers suicide comes to a close, but not without complications. (NY Daily News)
Adrian Grenier threw in everything but the kitchen sink during an auction on Thursday... actually more like a bubble bath with him. (Adrian Grenier)
According to Christina Ricci, it's officially shorts season in NYC. We're heading in to a warmer week, what do you think: agree or aggresso? (NY Mag)

Photo: Via Jezebel

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