Video: Of Course Lady Gaga’s Best Friend Is Seriously Rad

When it comes to friendship, we're all about sharing. After all, isn't it an unspoken rule that closets have an open door policy for best friends? Perhaps this is why we've been fantasizing all morning about a friendship with Lady Gaga and her best-friend-slash-opening-act Lady Starlight. The duo performed together way back in the day, before Gaga was, well, Gaga. They've remained close (aw), making for our new favorite celebrity best friends (sorry Beyoncé and Gwyneth!).
It just about goes without saying that the woman formerly known as Stefani Germanotta has a larger-than-life presence (Um, have you seen her Vogue cover?). But, within minutes of watching this StyleLikeU video of Lady Starlight talking style and showing off some of her favorite pieces, it's clear she ain't just the wind beneath Lady Gaga's wings — yes, her aesthetc is equally as dramatic as Gaga's, but she has a look that is all her own. Her mantra of "If everything is the same, nothing is special," feels very Gaga-esque, but she doesn't come across like a clone.
We can only fantasize about how fun the Lady Gaga/Lady Starlight tour bus and dressing rooms must be, but, oh, how we wish we could experience it for ourselves. If the duo is looking to expand their girl group anytime soon, we'll be the first in line. Seriously. Call us. (Stylelist)

Photo: Via Stylelist