Beautiful Baubles: The History & Essentials Behind This Jewelry Line

Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli, co-founders and designers of jewelry line Lady Grey
These NY-based designers find inspiration in the doomed tale of Lady Jane Grey, the short-lived queen (literally — her nickname was The Nine Days Queen). The line has a gothic flavor but still feels feminine, thanks to the expert hands of the creators, who have degrees in metalworking and impressively eclectic tastes.

Tell us how you got your job.
“After graduating, we decided to create a line together that combined a fashion-forward approach to jewelry with our conceptual ideas about adornment.”

Hands down, best professional advice you ever got.
Sabine: “Aim for an empire, but settle for a dream.”
What skill or habit do you think is vital for success?
Jill: “Embrace perfectionism, but allow yourself the time to get a little weird once in a while; don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Your Working Girl Essentials?
“Numerous ‘to-do’ lists, seltzer water in various flavors, shiny new tools, and a good playlist.”

Photographed by Sunny Shokrae

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