5 Things To Know This A.M. — Nov 29 2011

After we just got over the fact that J.Lo isn't actually driving through the Bronx in her Fiat ad we now find out the mural she drives by, (that actually isreally in the Bronx) was filmed without the artists' permission. Double woops. (NY Times)
One fashion blog claims that Lady Gaga's style is inspired by...pigeons? Look though these pics and see for yourself! (Fashion Indie)
Can't be in NYC to see the fabulous holiday window displays? No worries, this slideshow will make you feel like you're there! (NY Mag)
Been cheated on? Want to get back at them? Do what 'Phillip' did, and post your partner's affair on subway walls— that'll get 'em! (City Room)
So, who's ready for a new Miley Cyrus music video? Ok, we're not, but this one is in support of Occupy Wall Street, which we think is pretty cool. (Village Voice)