Lady Gaga Rocks The Biggest Ponytail Of All Time

Gaga, Gaga, Gaga. Just look at that hair. Seems she's back to her old tricks, except, unfortunately, her attempt to go sky-high may have only weighed her down. Was the original style meant to be vertical? Did she accidentally knock it on the roof of the car when she made her grand entrance in the Philippines, where she is currently continuing her world tour? Either way, we're beginning to see a pattern of confusing (if not gravity-defying) choices.
Since its inception, the Haus of Gaga (the team that created this Mother Monster Pony) has been pushing the boundaries of style and art, modeling themselves after Warhol's Factory. And now, apparently, the days of the disco sticks are long gone. Does this mean long live a future of untamed, frizzy, horizontal ponies that (due to lack of hair, helping hands, and supplies) we'll never be able to master, even if we wanted to? It looks to us like her neck muscles are straining just to keep this style up, and we bet she was pretty sore when she woke up the next morning. Let us know: When it comes to this stallion of a 'do are you in or are you out? (MTV)

Photo: Via MTV


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