7 Couture Looks Lady Gaga Will (Hopefully!) Rock This Year

Lately we're not sure if couture imitates Lady Gaga, or does Lady Gaga imitate couture? From the pastel heart-shaped hairdos at Chanel to the lampshade lace ensembles at Givenchy, the 2010 spring/summer couture shows seemed to be heavily inspired by the pop star and her daring sense of style. Couture historically has been an adventurous romp into sensational, often experimental territory (thanks Galliano!). And perhaps it's the limping economy, but couture seems to have lost its luster in previous seasons. So, maybe we have Gaga to thank for the recent revelations on couture's runways. Everyone from Jean Paul Gaultier to Valentino seemed to be channeling their inner Gaga, creating pieces that not only mirrored her outrageous, expressive style, but literally looked like they came straight from her wardrobe. In honor of her highness's fearless take on fashion, here are our top seven couture outfits we can totally see her rockin' in the near future.
Above, from left:
Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Dress--Lady Gaga always seems to look naked and clothed at the same time. This contoured, caged, crazy thing of a dress fits the bill.
Jan Taminiau Couture Hood--What's a Gaga wardrobe without a pantless look? This one's even got built-in pelvic pads!
Armani Privé Couture Dress--A step forward from the Hussein Chalayan bubble dress. This one is sealed to ensure freshness!
Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Armor Dress—No Gaga year is complete without an intergallactic get-up. This Gaultier warrior-Moon-princess might do the trick.
Valentino Couture Headband and Minidress—Here's a headband worthy of Lady Gaga's wardrobe! And better still, in red.
Thimister Couture Hooded Dress—This is totally reminiscent of early, "demure" Gaga. Wouldn't this be a nice option to revisit that moment?
Givenchy Headdress and Lace Gown—If anyone can take the lampshade-as-headgear out of the office holiday party, it's Gaga.
Photos via Style.com's Couture Gallery; Jan Taminiau photos via A Shaded View of Fashion.

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