The $475 Dream Cream That’s Worth The Price Tag


Just like your mobile phone, your face gives off signals when your
battery is running low because of work (or play, if that's your
thing). Instead of a blinking power bar, though, it's all papery skin,
blemishes, and a set of matched luggage for your eyes. Regular sleep
is the preferred cure—but when was the last time you had time for those solid eight hours?
For a quick and luxuriant alternative, La Prairie has the best
solution we can find. The Recharge Overnight Facial (La Prairie's first nighttime specific treatment) offered at their
spa in the Ritz-Carlton New York, gets your face back up to full voltage by
applying Retinol, Cellular Power Infusion, and Oxygen Therapy via PFD, a synthetic molecule that's able to store oxygen from the atmosphere and then release it into the skin when you need it most.
More interestingly though, you can take their revolutionary new dream cream, the Cellular Power Charge
Night, which they use during the facial, home with you. Apply it before bed, so it soothes
when your body is already in healing mode. While it retails at a not-so-wrinkle-free $475, we have this baby front and center in our medicine cabinet—if you use it religiously, the results are pretty astounding. While you may only get the four to six hours of shuteye your bosses (and your besties) allow you,
your skin will be getting a full night's rest (the lucky thing).

Recharge Overnight Facial, 60 minutes/$270, available at La Prairie at The Ritz-Carlton Spa, 50 Central Park South (at 58th Street); 212-521-6135; Cellular Power Charge Night, $475, available at The Ritz-Carlton Spa and online at La Prairie.

Photo: Courtesy of La Prairie