How A Fashion Internship Changed My Shopping Habits

Illustrated by Alex Marino.
We don't just appreciate an inspired ensemble. We want to know the whole making-of story behind it. But in Style Roots, we're going one better. In partnership with Nordstrom Rack, this series will deep-dive into the real sartorial evolutions of seven city dwellers who all came from very different starts. Be it a streetwear OG or newbie vintage collector, we'll examine how past and present cultural, social, and career influences mold one's unique style persona.
Some of us have traveled thousands of miles for life-changing experiences. But make no mistake: A passport, plane ticket, or language barrier is not always required when it comes to learning the most meaningful lessons. For San Diego native Tresha Bautista, that proved to be the case when she took an internship in her hometown. Not only did it transform how she thinks about clothing, but it inspired her career in sustainable fashion, as well.
Bautista, who studied journalism and environmental science in college, credits her curriculum and hands-on work at an ethical e-commerce site with shaping her values. And what started as simply a change in her self-professed frivolous consumption habits (been there, done that) has evolved into a career where she puts the principles of recycling, repurposing, and rethinking fast fashion to practice.
Today, Bautista’s living in L.A. and has no immediate plans to go back to her old ways. "Experiencing [ethical clothing being made] on a daily basis has absolutely solidified my ideals on sustainability and my choice to purchase things for quality, not quantity," she says. Read on for more on how she learned to build a wardrobe that lasts.
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