Would You Wear This Bold New Denim Style?

It's been a minute since we saw a real disrupter in the denim world. There was a period of time when we couldn't even keep up with the different types of jeans trending — one day, skinny jeans were going strong; the next, cropped flares were taking center stage. With the exception of the Vetements' deconstructed denim (and all the copycats that followed), we haven't seen tons of new innovations lately. But, here to change things up is new Ukranian designer Ksenia Schnaider, with her polarizing new silhouette she calls the Demi-Denims.
Schnaider's style looks like a pair of denim Bermuda shorts and a pair of jeans in one: There's a shorter, looser panel that hits just at the knee, layered over the bottom, tighter pant leg. But, it only looks like this from the front (from the back, it looks like a normal pair of frayed, straight-leg jeans). And it's already catching on among street style stars like Eleonora Carisi and Alina Gelzina.
"Most of us wear jeans and look for something new all the time," the designer tells Refinery29. "When was there anything new with jeans? There are a few basic cuts that are modified from time to time that are made in different colors, whereas Demi-Denims look like nothing you have ever seen before." And we agree.
"I remember my friends wearing vintage high-waisted trousers all the time and I started to look closely at them. They were banana-pants from second-hand markets, which are very popular in Ukraine. I wondered how I could re-invent these pants and make them look modern," she says of how the idea came to be about. "At the same time, I was fascinated by the idea of combining a skirt and a pair of trousers in one cut from my early student years. So, when we were working on our spring/summer 2016 collection at the studio, I suggested giving this idea a try."
Sure, this silhouette may not suit everyone's taste — we're not saying they're going to replace your skinny jeans or cropped flares — but it's refreshing to see denim done in a way we hadn't seen before. Click on to shop the pants for yourself, along with the rest of the collection that just landed on Stylebop.

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