Knotty Girl

Getting roped in by Sabrina Dehoff's new jewelry. By Nicole Schlomann
When winning people over, it always helps to be a bit charming. Berlin's most promising jewelry designer, Sabrina Dehoff, has made a name for herself in Germany by crafting quirky-cute pieces like puffy leather cat pendants and gilded birdcage necklaces. Playful and fun, her designs have captured the hearts of her German fashion friends as well as our staffers here in the States. Her latest collection, MePaired Younited, features more looks from her adorable cast of characters, including ghosts, rabbits, and daschunds. The theme of romance resonates throughout, with many of the charms made up of interlocking silhouettes like kissing couples and doves.
But while Dehoff's little forest friends show up on gold-stud earrings and 3-D pop-out necklaces, she's also included a new medium in her jewelry: thick, colorful rope. One of Dehoff's most exciting new designs is her Unification rope necklace, a piece made of two strands of cord, knotted in the middle. Available in a rainbow of colors, and accented in the back with silver or gold clasps, the necklace is simple but oh-so-pretty, perfect for swanking up a plain white tank. Better yet, matching bracelets and similar necklaces with Dehoff's signature charms are also part of the line. No doubt, it'll be tough not to start a little Dehoff collection all your own.
Sabrina Dehoff Unification Necklace, $195, available at Honey in the Rough, 161 Rivington St., New York, 212-228-6415.
Getting roped in by Sabrina Dehoff's new jewelry.
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