13 Items That Will Give Your Sex Life A Boost This Year

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Resolution season has come and gone (plenty of people give up on resolutions before January is even over), but there's one new year's resolution that will hopefully stick: the decision to finally explore the kink you've always wanted to try.
Getting started with kink may seem intimidating, and it's easy to understand why. It often means having a difficult conversation with your partner or making yourself vulnerable. And, depending on your specific kink, it can also mean wading through webpage after webpage of products you'll need to get started — floggers, blindfolds, handcuffs, ticklers, paddles, whips, clamps, gags, and the list goes on.
So, if you're ready to give kink a try but just don't know what you need to get started, we're here to help. We've rounded up the items you'll need ahead, whether you're into bondage, sensory deprivation, dominance, or other kinks.
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Cotton ropes like these are great for BDSM beginners because they're safe, comfortable, hold a knot well, and won't chafe.
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If you're interested in being gagged, then this beginner ball gag is the one for you. It's smaller than more advanced gags and soft enough to bite down on.
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Nipple clamps are perfect for anyone looking to add pain and restraint to their sex routine. This pair is good for beginners, thanks to adjustable clamps that let you choose how much pressure to apply.
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Add some light spanking to your sex life with this paddle, which features both a soft and furry side and a more hardcore matte leather side.
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Tease and tickle your sex partner with this feathered ring, which can double as a day-to-day accessory.
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Get an intro to sensory deprivation with a silky blindfold that can make all other sensations seem even more intense.
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Kick your kink up a notch with sexy shoes like these glittery platforms.
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These double arm and leg restraints are great for BDSM beginners. Use them to bond your partner's arms, legs, or both at the same time.
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Get an intro to sex swings without too much expense with this version, which hangs in any doorway.
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Humiliation play can be incredibly hot, but hard to get into. This vegan leather collar is a good place to start. Use it simply for decoration or have your partner tug on the metal loop for a little more action.
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These beginner cuffs feature a quick-release clip so you can get out of them easily if you're not feeling the fantasy. They also have soft material around the wrists for maximum comfort.
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Pinwheel toys like this one are versatile and can be used on any part of the body. Press lightly for a softer, tickling sensation or apply more pressure to inflict a little (consensual) pain.
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Like the pinwheel, this BDSM toy can be gentle or not-so-gentle, depending on how much force you put behind it.

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