5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 15 2011

Calling hot blooded males out there. Your best chance of seeing Kim Kardashian naked is to work in Scoop and pretend you're gay. (New York Daily News)
Ever had a secret crush on the barista/cashier/DJ at your favorite hangout? Cross your stalking fingers and hope they made it to the Lust List. We wish we had thought of this! (NY Press)
Ten years from now, you might be swiping your Metrocard to catch a ferry. Let's hope the fares won't also increase tenfold. (New York Post)
Next time you leave your cell phone in the cab, you could potentially get it back—if you hang on to your receipt. (DNAinfo)
Julie Taymor might have been able to hang on to her job if she only used the Rescue Reel device in Spider-Man. (New York Times)