5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 09 2012

No, the Statue of Liberty hasn't gotten tipsy. She just looks that way. (Kottke)
For a while, were used to icy model stares and sky-high heels being the fiercest things in Bryant Park. But now that Fashion Week has moved away, something even sharper than Coco Rocha's cheekbones has moved in. (New York Observer)
We're pretty much willing to bet that this Ryan Gosling Easter egg hunt was not the actor's doing, but stumbling on one of the 200 hunk-filled eggs strewn throughout the city would have made our Sunday a little better. (Gothamist)
The Met has finally reworked its performance series, and will now feature concerts that tie into different exhibitions — including everything from Chinese opera to DJ sets — in addition to the usual classical fare. (Media Bistro)
Is Kanye "dating" Kim Kardashian to benefit his fashion career? Lets just say a shiver runs down our spines when we think about the possibility of a Kanye-Kardashian Kollection (available at Kohl's?). (The Cut)

Photo: Via Kottke