5 Things To Know This AM — Nov 09 2010

Kim Kardashian and Mastercard piss off parents everywhere as they celebrate the launch of a children's credit card aimed at the Bieber generation. We wonder how many girls will use it to charge butt pads...(New York Post)
Everyone's favorite heart attack-inducing combo, chicken and waffles, comes to the streets of New York. Buy Pepcid AC now. (Grub Street)
Kanye recently did an impromptu concert on a Delta flight to NYC. Now you know what airline to start racking up frequent flyer miles on. (Hollywood Life)
Chanel No. 5 has roots in Hoboken?! (Styleist)
NYC based artist Scott Cambell was so unhappy with the handling of a recent solo gallery show in Mexico that he dragged all his pieces out onto the sidewalk and lit them on fire. Two words: Tortured artist. (Animal New York)