5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 19 2010

Pay $2,500 to go to Kim Kardashian's 1658495 birthday party. And, if you're thinking twice, don't worry, there will be "celebrity friends." Sadly, we take that to mean Scott Disick, Khloe, and Kourtney. (Gawker)

Apparently, school kids surprisingly enjoy healthy treats. When healthy alternatives were introduced into vending machines, students actually picked roasted edamame over Kit Kats. Thank you Michelle Obama!

If you didn't catch the debate last night, here's a rundown of ALL of the senate candidates. Even former prostitute and madam Kristin Davis and the "Rent Is Too Damn High's" Jimmy McMillan look better than Carl Paladino. (Huffington Post)
James Franco didn't speak to Gawker or Guest of a Guest at his book release at The James, but did call The Observer classy. (The Observer)
Unlike Franco, Stan D'Arde, the "mysterious voice" of the Standard Hotels, would talk to Guest of a Guest. Let's just say he likes to drink. (Guest of a Guest)