Comedian Starts Kickstarter Fund…To Buy Kickstarter

Of all the creative juices flowing over at Kickstarter, this one has to be the most ambitious. In a few short sentences, Eric Moneypenny has asked the community to pledge money for him to buy the actual Kickstarter platform:
"Hi, my name is Eric Moneypenny. I would like to raise money to buy Kickstarter. estimates Kickstarter's worth at 18.6 million dollars. Therefore, I estimate that I will need at least 19,000,000 to make this happen. I live in Los Angeles. I live with a simple dream. A dream to own Kickstarter. I would like to raise the funds necessary to make my dream a reality."
Our favorite part, though, has to be the pledge reward portion of the page. For a mere $10K, you get: "Pizza Party! With me, Eric Moneypenny, the new owner and CEO of Kickstarter." Well sure. Who wouldn't want that? This guy's kinda cute, after all. But we digress....
The kicker here is that Kickstarter has to review and approve every project before anyone gets to go out there and ask for cash, but somehow, they gave him the green light. (Although, we guess this campaign doesn't violate any of these guidelines...).
Once we had a good giggle though, we did some digging, and (shocker!) Eric is a comedian, clearly looking to promote his act. But we're into it. In fact, this might be our fave publicity stunt since that whole streaker incident. So...while we're rooting for him, we also pray he doesn't quit his day job — this makes us want to check out his on-stage bag of tricks!

Photo: Courtesy of MySpace

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