5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 03 2011

Oh, Ke$ha—we had such high sartorial hopes for you in 2011. Well, not really, but could you have at least not rung in the New Year looking like a wannabe Lady Gaga. At least the hair looks a little more polished! (Daily Mail)
Cult fashion site, The Malcolm, is back after blogger Yale Breslin's stint at V . Don't ditch us again, please. (The Malcolm)
Did you brave the cold for a Coney Island seaside dip Saturday? If you weren't icing your nipples, check out those that did—it doesn't look that fun to us. (Gawker)
"Please stand up if you have a relative who signed the Declaration of Independence," was actually something that was uttered at the International Debutante Ball. Paging Blair Waldorf. (New York Observer)
Cathy Horyn singles out 2010's key fashion moments. Yes, Tavi and her giant bow is in there. (New York Times)

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