Kenmare Is Now Offically The New Beatrice, Jersey Shore Is In Trouble, And Anne Hathaway’s BF Is A Thief

Ok, so by now everyone's told you Kenmare is the new Beatrice. Despite the spot's protests to the contrary, it's now official. They recently scored a 4 a.m. license for their downstairs lounge. (Curbed)

Jersey Shore
a victim of it's own success? We don't think they're Trista and Ryan Sutter quite yet. (Gawker)

One seriously hot NYC dude is in serious need of cash. We wish we knew what time he'll be out next. We're looking for interns! (Flickr)
Anne Hathaway can't catch a break. The star's new boyfriend is a thief—he apparently walked off with a chunk of a Meatpacking District mural. (Gothamist)
Terry Richardson is into man-heels. That's all. (The Cut)