Why This Photographer Loves Shooting Female Nudes (NSFW)

Yes, Polish-born Kava Gorna is a fashion photographer, experienced in shooting models in poses and expressions that align with her clients' aesthetics. And, considering that Gorna has worked with style giants from Vogue to Urban Outfitters to Opening Ceremony, it's easy to see that she's also pretty good at what she does — even more so when you view her seductive, playful images of men and women sporting everything from chambray tops to bright-pink overalls.
On her own time, Gorna gravitates toward photographing subjects with fewer clothes — oftentimes none. "I want to explore how we project concepts of sexuality onto the female body," she explains. Much of Gorna's personal work centers around women, cars, and flowers — a provocative mix that evokes tropes of femininity and masculinity, beauty, objectification.
"I think a lot of sexy images of women exist because they’re taken from an objectifying gaze and one that has a predatory component to it," Gorna explains. "It makes you feel like the subject is performing something for the viewer. What I try to do with my images is create a level of comfort or a level of intimacy that makes you feels like you are there with the person." Ahead, 10 images from Gorna's personal work, alongside her thoughts on her artistic choices.

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