5 Things To Know This Am — Oct 07 2010

Who knew "Teenage Dream" could piss people off so much? One amgry Williamsburger posted a sign on his apartment building door addressing the tenant "To the preson who plays Katy Perry at full volume every morning—please turn down your music." We're not telling them it's on our play list. (Gawker)
Why, why, why didn't this show happen? MTV developed a show amazingly called Bridge & Tunnel , but now are not putting it on the air. These chicks make Danielle Staub seem like a Greenwich socialite. (Perez Hilton)
NYPD's finest are getting a taser upgrade. The new stun guns will be able to shoot out confetti every time they're fired. Plus, the paper fragments also serve as ID tags "to deter misuse by felons." Festive! (Gothamist)
Lourdes plays her mother Madonna's music at La Guardia high school, according to one blogger who's sister's boyfriend teaches there. Lola's favorite tune? "Ray of Light." But, in all respect, we think maybe the sister shouldn't be telling her bro anything—unless she wants her BF to be fired. Just sayin.' (Zorica)
Seems like there's a possibility that Donald Trump may be running for president. Well, he already has the tie line for the job. (Huffington Post)