Jwoww Designs A Line Of Stickers, Calls Them Bathing Suits

We know, we know, we've been going a little nuts with the
Jersey Shore
coverage lately (sorry, we're not sorry), but this new break really couldn't have gone without notice. Just when we think
has cleaned up her act, she goes ahead and proves us wrong confuses our conclusion with this new line of stick-on bikinis. The line, whose motto is, "It stays on and stays put," employs a patented adhesive that allows the barely-there tops to cling to breasts (real, fake, Jersey-sized, whatever) for up to 15 wears. The idea here seems to be that the no-line pasties will allow for minimal tan lines. So, if you're willing to look like this on the beach (and you have that rockin' bod), more power to ya, we'll be over here in slightly more modest cuts. (Gawker)


Photo: Via Gawker