See Fireworks At Midnight With R29’s Sexy NYE Playlist & Lovehoney’s Music-Syncing Vibrator

I know it's not just me when I say it's been a stressful year. Between COVID resurgences, billionaire takeovers of social media, and whatever the hell has been going on with the economy, 2022 has been a bit of a rollercoaster. As 2023 looms closer, we've decided that no matter what kind of mixed bag next year deals us, we're going to respond with good vibes only. And yes, we mean the electric variety (aka vibrators). According to sex experts, like Laurie Mintz PhD, having orgasms is a scientifically backed way to lower your baseline level of stress. So, if you're resolved to decrease your tension like us, we can't think of a better way to ring in the new year than with a literal bang. And maybe, a new vibrator for the occasion. After all, our clitorises (and stress levels!) deserve it.

But with stress at an all-time high, it can take the right setting to curate a sexy mood — a candle, some fresh bedding, and the right playlist are my go-tos. So, when I found out about Lovehoney's music-syncing vibrator, Juno, I knew I'd found the best New Year's party in town: my bedroom.
At 50% off, the Juno is well worth the money spent. The music-activated bullet nestles between your legs exactly where you want it (it can be placed on top of your clit or inserted for maximum versatility), vibrating in tandem with whatever playlist you want it to. Having used other music-syncing vibrators, I was initially skeptical about this one. I'm not the most technically adept girl in the world, and I found the apps hard to connect and the controls overwhelming. That's decidedly not the case with the Juno. All you need to do is place the controller next to whatever speaker you're using, turn up the volume, and the sound waves send signals to the vibrator to buzz along to the beat (up to 26 feet away!). Fully charged, it lasts nearly an hour, and it's waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or shower if that's where your night leads you. Reviewers also rave about the vibrator's discretion. Because of its small but powerful stature, it's easily used out and about (hello, concerts? the car? chores around the house?) It's also slim enough to use with a partner and comes in a cock ring variety for the penis-having music-lover in your life.

This is something I'd been looking for for a long time, I've always wanted to feel music on a different level and this ticks all the boxes.

Like all NYE parties, the Juno party in my bedroom requires a banging (pun intended) playlist. So, if you're still searching for ways to fill the big night, don't let this be one more thing you stress about. All you need is the Juno and my ultimate sexy NYE playlist, and you'll be ringing in the new year with a literal bang. Created by trial and error, this playlist utilizes bass-heavy and syncopated rhythms in increasing speed over the course of an hour, so you can orgasm as the ball drops at midnight. Simply cue up the playlist at 11 p.m. and get ready to see fireworks.

Ahead, check out my Ultimate Good Vibes New Year's Eve Playlist, and my own thoughts regarding the sensations created by each song.
Ciara "Body Party" - This slow and steady jam is a great way to begin, especially if you're starting out at zero. Think of this one as your musical warm-up just to set the mood.

Rihanna "Needed Me" - RiRi's musical catalog is overflowing with sexy bangers that will get you in the mood, but the syncopated slides of "Needed Me" felt like heaven. Using the same tempo as the song before it, it took things up jussst a notch.

Shaed "Trampoline" - A fun fact about me is that I write smutty romance novels on the side (she's got sexual layers, okay?), and this song is a regular on my writing playlists for it's breathy AMSR-style vocals that give me goosebumps. It turns out that translated through the Juno's remote, I can get goosebumps everywhere...

Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know" - This is when the bass starts to kick in more for a steady (almost thumping?) beat that will continue to steadily increase in pace for the remainder of the songs. Consider this the end of your warm-up. You're now fully in it.

Massive Attack "Safe From Harm" - The steady bass keeps pace in this song for five whole minutes. Though I'm not saying I was sweating, I would say I was definitely fully warm by the end of this one.

Demi Lovato "Body Say" - Kicking up the pace just a smidge, things heated up with this deep cut from Demi Lovato. Not only was the bass at a perfect temp to keep me warm, but the superstar has her own Bellesa wand vibrator, so she knows a thing or two about sexual pleasure, too (and the lyrics do reflect that!)

Nine Inch Nails "Closer" - No sexy playlist could be complete without this obscene classic from Nine Inch Nails. This is the halfway mark and where I started moving the bullet around more freely.

Hozier "Movement" - Oh, did someone say movement? Hozier is known more for his soulful voice and sultry beats, and this one is a perfect example of that. Along with the increasing tempo, this song has a bell sound that acts as a bit of an echo vibration, so it makes it feel doubly good.

Leon Bridges "Steam" - At the exact same pace, this song will keep things heating up as you continue forward. Plus, Leon Bridge's voice is panty-dropping. Or, so we'd think if our panties weren't already dropped well before this song's appearance on the playlist.

Doja Cat "Freak" - After Leon, I'll admit, I was fully panting. This one has less of a thrumming bass, so the vibrations were less intense, but the syncopated rhythms kept things interesting and from overstimulating and getting to the end too fast.

Harry Styles "Cinema" - To be perfectly honest, I listened to all of Harry's House with the Juno before deciding this was the best song to use. Which means that it fits in with the perfect tempo here, but also, if you felt like syncing up the whole album at another time, I wouldn't not recommend it.

Outkast "The Way You Move" - Kicking up the pace one final time, this bumping beat had me lifting my hips and trying to grind pathetically against the toy, trying to get more traction. This is also when I realized that I had fingers that could also come into play. Clearly, I'd lost all sense of rational thought, and my playlist had done its job.

David Guetta "Titanium" - As Chloe says during the infamous shower scene in Pitch Perfect, "That song is my lady jam. It really builds." And she is not wrong. If I'd been panting when the song started, I was fully gasping by the end.

The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" - When I got to this song, I realized that I had been fully edging for a while (a shock! I hadn't known I was capable, I'm usually a quick one-and-done kinda girl). This one took me back down a tinyyyy bit, but the bass-heavy song kept the slower vibrations powerful enough to take me into the last minutes of the playlist.

Taylor Swift "Lavender Haze" - This is it, the final stretch. When Taylor breathes, "Meet me at midnight," I knew that I was going to be orgasming on the other side. And boy, did I. The fast pace is still somehow totally sultry, and I was able to get myself over the edge into one giant firework of an orgasm. <insert Miranda Priestly voice> Fireworks for New Year's? How original.
Don't take my word for it. Purchase the Juno while it's 50% off(!), and try it for yourself. Happy New Year's, folks. See a less stressed you for more vibrator recs, wellness tips, and sexual empowerment in 2023.
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