The Secret To Not Looking Frumpy In A Jumpsuit

Photographed by Christian Vierig.
Just as you started getting used to the summer jumpsuit — it's just a maxi-dress with legs after all — the fashion world comes along and messes everything up again. The pretty, waist-cinching, leg-lengthening jumpsuit you just got comfortable in got a tomboy makeover, and it's looking a lot more mechanic's coveralls than anything else. Feeling chic in one of them seems impossible. But as these five women demonstrate, that insecurity is all in your head.

Of course, smart styling tricks can make the process easier. Figuring out what to slick down and femme up can make these 'suits much less intimidating, so when you're ready to wear them with sneakers or pumps, you'll have all the confidence you need. Your pathway to frump-freedom, ahead.

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