Jump Shot

The one-piece wonder has its blue period. By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi
denimjumpsuit_openIn fashion, it's the ultimate working-class hero: The jumpsuit. This '80s relic has been re-purposed over the last few seasons in a variety of shapes and styles, from Dynasty-worthy lounge-wear to nubile play-suits. But our latest paramour to emerge in the pursuit of one'ness ironically returns to its blue-collar roots—literally.
In a mix of denim washes and weights (for Him and Her), spring's jean-jumpsuits offer the kind of ease and full-service style that anyone could love. Whether it's Mayle's Josie romper with come hither straps, Acne's classic deep-blue button-up jumper, or A.P.C.'s old-school gas-pumping onesie, these jumpsuits play up the carefree side of spring and summer, and take all the work out of looking good.
At top: Acne Cillin jumpsuit, $369, available at Acne Studio. Above, from left: Mayle Josie Romper, $595, available at Mayle; Acne Achilles Denim Boiler Suit, $369, available at Acne Studio; Lover Sandwash Cali Denim Jumpsuit, $430, available through Lover.
Above, from left: A.P.C. Denim Jumpsuit, $310, available at A.P.C.; Acne Cyndi Denim Jumpsuit, $275, available at Acne Studio; Adam Kimmel Tagliolini striped jumpsuit, $1,125, available at Bergdorf Goodman and Jeffrey New York.
The one-piece wonder has its blue period.

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