Julie Delpy On Hollywood B.S., Showers, & Chris Rock

With our mild-obsession for all things British European at the moment, we were keen for a spot of light French humour. Merci, then, to last night's The Cinema Society and MCM’s screening of 2 Days In New York, at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema. As Julie Delpy’s second delve into sequeling, having been in both Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset with perma-beau Ethan Hawke, the film — her second director job after 2 Days In Paris— proved her staying power behind the lens. Taking the chair as writer, director and actor, its fair to say the 2 Days duology is her baby.
After debuting at Tribeca in April, this Francophile darling laughed and joked for the press again last night before being whisked off on a flight back to Europe – though not without stealing an au revoir embrace from on-screen boyfriend Chris Rock. Sitting sky high and sipping Grey Goose, we continued le party at the post-screening awesomeness at the LES' new open air rooftop spot, DL. But, not, bien sur, before chatting up Ms. Delpy, who charmed us (and severely cracked us up) with our one-on-one chat. Now, if only she took us to Paris with her.

How was it starring and directing in the movie?
"It was great. I’ve been doing it now for a few times. You know, it’s a challenge — but it's okay. Sometimes you have to deal with a crazy director, a high-maintence actor, and a pain-in-the-ass writer, and I’m all three...less work in a way."

The film has some interesting family dynamics; How would you describe your own?
"…happily dysfunctional."

The film is still very ‘French.' Why did you choose the New York setting?
"I never questioned it. Marion talked in the first film that she lives in New York — I wanted the next step to be the French invading Manhattan. So, that’s what happened.

Speaking of Manhattan, what are some of your favorite places in NYC?
"So many places! I go to Chelsea, I visit friends there and Nolita...really, all over."

You once said to The Guardian that Hollywood didn’t accept you. Do you really feel that way?
"No! That was bullshit. I lie all the time. I make jokes, they write it…"


The stress of it doesn’t look to be getting to you — we think you have a secret. Any beauty tips you can share?
"Beauty..hmm. Well, everyday I take a shower."

Following in Adam Goldberg's footsteps, why did you chose Chris Rock to co-star in the sequel?
"I wanted to work with him — he’s a fantastic comedian, a brilliant actor. I was like, shit, I want to make a movie for Chris. I just wanted to be his girlfriend in a film: I thought we would be a great couple.

And was he all you’d hoped for?
Oh yes, it was fantastic. He’s amazing. It was great all the way.

Oh, and after Delpy's rave reviews, we threw some quick Qs to Chris Rock!

How was it working with Julie in the film?
She’s amazing. An amazing actress, and director. I was very lucky to get the chance to work with her.

Did she inspire you to take on new projects?

"Yeah, definitely – I’m reading things I wouldn’t have read, it's all good."

You’re one busy man. Do you spend a lot of time at home?
"Well, the play was in New York, the film was in New York. I live in Jersey and I’m working a lot, but I’m home. I take my kid to school, we take the bus, all that kind of stuff."

Photo: Patrick McMullan/Courtesy of The Cinema Society