This Brooklyn Entrepreneur NAILS Work-Life Balance

Scent is a powerful thing. It's transportive. It's comforting. It's personal. And, nobody knows that more than Brooklynite Julia Zangrilli. The owner of the custom perfumery NOVA has blended head, heart, and base notes to create her life’s work. Along the way, she’s taken her ability to meld distinct elements into a playful harmony and applied it to everything from her home decor to her wardrobe — not to mention her filled-to-the-brim work and social life.
So, we grilled the entrepreneur on being a business owner, wife, and dog-mom. And, as we snapped some pics in her urban-eclectic Williamsburg apartment and modern fragrance lab, we got the scoop on the essentials from T.J.Maxx that she swears by to help her multitask. Ahead, find out what inspires Zangrilli's style, how she stays balanced, and how to channel her one-of-a-kind aesthetic in your world. Maybe just leave the scent-mixing to her.

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