ØDD NY Founder Judson Harmon On Being A Style "Amoeba"

Judson Harmon, Model, Designer, CEO and Founder of ØDD
One look at Judson Harmon's lineup of job titles, and your head may spin. However, this 21-year-old is not going to rest on his laurels as simply just the founder and owner of NYC-based ØDD. He's gone one several steps further with his fashion career. Harmon is also a model and stylist, splitting his time between the East and West Coast. And much like his evolving, sky-rocketing career, this young gun is allowing his personal style to make an evolution, as well.
We found out that Harmon's wasting no time in carving his legacy in the fashion industry during his 20s. And, he's doing it all with an impulse-driven shopping habit; a penchant for edgy, avant-garde designs; and a strong, personal voice, which will always speak louder than any outfit he wears.
My style in six words or less:
"Like an amoeba, always evolving."
The greatest style lesson I've ever learned:
"I learned to not plan things out so much and to trust my impulses. Knowing that each piece you wear has a different voice and to not let your outfit be louder than you."
My boldest, summer-style move that I wouldn't attempt any other time of the year:
"I like wearing long dresses in the summer with combat boots and, lately, with my Rick Owens, watersnake jacket. I love the breeze in the summer…but definitely not in the winter."
My constant source of style inspiration:
"It’s a toss-up between Tilda Swinton, David Bowie, Polly Mellen, and iamamiwhoami."
My favorite up-and-coming designers:
"Kofta, Daniel Patrick, Strateas Carlucci, Barbara Gongini (not new, but still a favorite), and my own collection, ØDD."
My most surprising, out-of-left-field fashion find:
"I found a box I was given a few years ago that I had never opened. And once I moved into my new apartment, I finally opened it, and it was filled with Comme des Garçons Homme Plus pieces. Definitely a good find. I should look through these boxes more."
My style theme song:
“'Party in My Head' by September."
Styled by Laura Pritchard, Hair by Bethany Brill, Makeup by Tiffany Patton
martinMARTIN black jacket; martinMARTIN white curve T-shirt, $276, available at ØDD; Issey Miyake black harem short; ØDDxPRAXIS leather boots, $375, available at ØDD.

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