Clumsy Girls Rejoice! This Collection Was Made For You

Anyone who's ever been described as a butterfingers is probably well aware that no night out is usually complete without a couple of spilled drinks and a shattered glass. Hey, it happens (to some more often than others). And, that moment is actually the start of Jonathan Simkhai's spring '15 collection. While the designs may at first seem like only cutout patterns and sharp, asymmetric edges, as Simkhai told us, there's much more meaning there.
The young designer described spotting a girl at a bar who dropped her drink on the floor, glass shattering everywhere. But, she wasn't embarrassed by the mess — she was liberated. Cut to Simkhai at home, destroying a few pieces of drink ware himself. Essentially, the patterns on the spring lineup — jagged, unexpected, and pretty sexy thanks to the presence of peekaboo sheers — mimic the actual fragments of Jonathan's intentional kitchen-cabinet massacre.
And, like his clumsy-girl muse, the final product feels strong, sexy, and — with the help styling elements like belts with side release buckles, flatform shoes, and chunky, athletic watches — secure. All the more helpful in avoiding any trip-up. (Not that we don't welcome a few every once in a while.)

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