5 Things To Know This AM — May 09 2012

The Unique L.A. spring tradeshow is rolling into town this weekend, but you can see some of the goods on sale in these teaser shots (snapped through Instagram in Disneyland, no less). (Racked LA)
Movie buffs, listen up. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka the folks who hand out Oscars) is screening classic Hollywood films outdoors — all summer long. (HuffPo LA)
Think invisibility cloaks are limited to the world of Harry Potter? Think again: this tech-heavy camo fabric brings us that much closer to the world of Hogwarts. (The Gloss)
Jon Hamm answers questions about flaky BFs and teenage crushes as part of Rookie Mag's Ask A Grown Man vid series. (Rookie)
Chanel No. 5 is adding a decidedly masculine figure to its roster of famous faces. None other than Brad Pitt will be shooting a commercial for the iconic fragrance. (EW)

Photo: Via EW