This Is Not Johnny Depp

When we first saw the pictures from Persol's Magnificent Obsessions Exhibition last week at Center 548 in NYC, we nearly fell off our chair. Johnny Depp was looking hot. Seriously hot. Good plastic surgery hot. Actually, the fresh-faced actor bespectacled in the Italian eyewear legend's "Rounds," was not Captain Jack doing a Demi Moore. Instead, we're getting serious 21 Jump Street redux courtesy of British movie star Rupert Friend, who you may remember from The Young Victoria. Clad in a fedora, plaid shirt, and a mustache, the 29-year-old Friend eerily resembles the 48-year-old Depp, which, in our minds, is a very good thing indeed. Plus, we're almost crushing as much on those covetable Persols, which, as the exhibition taught us, takes 30 manual steps to create. Can we have both?
Click through to see Friend without glasses (and looking a lot less like Depp).
Photos via Nike Communications.

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