A Good Reason To Stop For Hitchhikers: You Might Pick Up John Waters

When Brooklyn-based band Here We Go Magic (yes, you have heard them before) was traveling along Ohio's Interstate 70, they probably didn't expect that the gentleman with the "End of 70 West" sign was some kind of Hollywood notable. Low and behold, there was John Waters in all his thumbs-out, car-crashing glory. And, like any other friendly BK neighbor, the musicians obliged and picked up the actor and Cry Baby director, tweeting a picture as proof, along with a tip that he's heading for Indianapolis next. Any takers?
While we didn't hear word that the car-hopping entusiast is en route to anywhere near our neck of the woods (we imagine it's difficult to hitchhike on the BQE), as an end to this oddly sweet (and strangely unexpected) story we're hoping that Waters also offered Here We Go Magic a lift in the future, should they need it. (MSN)
Photo: Via Twitter

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