Live Music x John Varvatos x The Sunset Marquis — We’re In Like Sin!

From Spaceland to the Strip, every musician is well aware that a rockin' wardrobe isn't complete without a dash of John Varvatos duds. The Fashion Star judge not only dresses a plethora of performers (regular clients range from Steven Tyler to Dave Matthews to Iggy Pop), he's also known for having his ear to the ground and discovering soon to be stars.
Well, just about every Friday this summer, the designer is hosting an outdoor concert at the Sunset Marquis by three up-and-coming L.A. artists. Looking for a last-minute date-night itinerary? Swing by tonight's show and tune in for three boisterous babes that are sure to have you updating your iPod ASAP.
Whether it's the poppy lyrics of Kate Miller Heidke, the soulful sounds of Rachel McGoye, or Chelsea Williams' catchy choruses, tonight's trio is a lineup that can't be missed. Tickets are limited and only $20 bucks (when was the last time you paid that little for a show?) Plus, for those looking to make a weekend of it, book a night at the Sunset Marquis and your ticket price will be slashed in half.
So, rather than spending a fortune on Rock of Ages movie tickets and popcorn, drop a Jackson and see real rock 'n roll, up close and personal.
When: Fridays, now through September 14, from 7 to 10:30 pm.
Where: Sunset Marquis, 1200 Atla Loma Road (between Sunset Boulevard and Holloway Drive); 800-405-8203.
Photo: Courtesy of John Varvatos

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