John McCain Hurt Long Island's Feelings, Apology Not Accepted

Rawr! Looks like Senator Schumer is all upset that John McCain said Long Island is "sometimes regrettably" part of The United States of America. Schumer was so mad he used the natural outlet for anger — Twittter, duh — to ask for an apology, which McCain kind of gave by saying that it was all in good fun and that Schumer needs to take a joke (note: McCain made this little crack when talking about detainee policies. Haha! Fun times!). Schumer fired back, saying that, "NYers can take a joke. But If @SenJohnMcCain wants to mock parts of America, stick to Arizona." Zing! Although this R29 author and native Long-Islander has yet to agree with Senator McCain on anything, we must concur (a bit) that Long Island is in many ways, indeed, slightly regrettable. Come on — we have a terrible, obnoxious accent, the phrase "Strong Island" is often used in all seriousness, and there are enough Oompa-Loompa-orange people to rival The Jersey Shore, to name only a few of the island's more unfortunate characteristics. But, we also have to agree that Long-Islanders can take a joke. We can admit we're not the epitome of class and taste (Hamptons excluded, we guess, but really they're just overcompensating), but we've got the attitude, the proximity to "The City," and (hopefully) the writing chops to back ourselves up and laugh along with you. So, John McCain, let's break bread (er, bagels?) on this one. Better yet, let's have pizza. Mmm, pizza. What were we arguing about, again? (Political Ticker, via Animal New York)
Photo: Via Twitter/Chuck Schumer

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