5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 27 2010

John Mayer says to Huffington Post: "Go F**K yourself." It involves Jennifer Aniston, natch. (Gawker)
The state of New Jersey thinks that the cast of Jersey Shore is actually from New York, which is why they call them "lowlifes." That's some Snooki logic right there. (Gothamist)
Frasier is moving to NYC! Well, Kelsey Grammar is. Seattle has got to be jealous. (Daily Mail)
While people are complaining about the Bowery getting too commercial, we are amped for this new piece of street architecture—Sir Norman Foster's glass tower that will host prestigious gallery Sperone Westwater. (Animal New York)
If you told us there was a huge farm in the City, we probably wouldn't believe you. Well, Brooklyn Grange has a 40,000-square-foot warehouse rooftop garden that provides fresh food to neighboring families. Wonder if we can get a permit for that? (Huffington Post)

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